Reservation Extension Kit

With an electronic signature registration cards, we create and securely store them in CloudBeds reservation documents. You do not have to look for information in different locations. As a manager, you will be rest assured; all your vital documents are secure and easily accessible via CloudBeds dashboard. You can also keep records for future reference and for the purposes of regulatory compliance, without occupying extra office space.
Extension Kit
Securely capture identifications, to auto-fill and save as image proofs delivering exceptional customer experience.
  • Electronic registration cards
  • Thai ID Scanner
  • Passport Scanner
  • e-Passport Scanner
  • Self check-in kiosk
Tested and recommended for using

Passport Scanner

SecureScan X50
E-Signature Tablet

Xiaomi Pad 5
Thai ID Reader

Self Check-in Koisk


Let's start with our E-Signature

Walkthrough Video

Let's start with our Thai ID Scanner

Walkthrough Video

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