Door Locks

With an overwhelming number of different locks, gadgets, and new systems on the market, making the right choice for your hotel can be a challenge. At MECX-TECH, we’re experts in making sure your systems are super-connected, modern, accessible, and work for you - and your hotel door safety locks are no different. You can find our cost details here:

1. Setup Fee: (One-Time Cost) 150USD.
2. Maintenance Fee

Hotel 1-5 rooms: 170USD/Year/Property
Hotel 6-10 rooms: 190USD/Year/Property
Hotel 11-20 rooms: 210USD/Year/Property
Hotel 21-30 rooms: 295USD/Year/Property
Hotel 31-50 rooms: 335USD/Year/Property
Hotel 51-75 rooms: 420USD/Year/Property
Hotel 76-100 rooms: 530USD/Year/Property
Hotel 101++ rooms: 5.50USD/Room/Year/Property

We have partner with a variety of locks and app-connected systems, convenient, reliable, easy-to-use, and safe locks for you.


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