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Vietnam M-Invoice

Vietnam M-Invoice processing solutions can help hotels in Vietnam easily upload transection to M-Invoice website and improve operations productivity.

Cloudbeds interface licensing model: per property based on rooms
Automatically transfer daily transection to your M-Invoice every morning
Logon to M-Invoice website to see the result
Required (taxID guestName) or (companyTaxID companyName) fields in guest profile
Interface is available to hotels with access to Cloudbeds Marketplace


1. Send CloudBeds an inquiry

Send CloudBeds an inquiry through [MECX-TECH (Payment Gateway) – How to Sign Up and Connect] page. We will respond with the quote including all cost of implementation, and fee.

2. Arrange the installation date

Installation, configuration, and testing are done by MECX-TECH implementation specialist together with your IT department.

3. Remote traning for end users

Remote traning will be provided for end users, front office.


How do TM30 integrations look and feel?

We’re using integrated guest profile to M-Invoice which is required (taxID guestName) or (companyTaxID companyName) to be input. Please find more information as followed.

[Front Office]
1. FO check-in all guests with followed fields (taxID guestName) or (companyTaxID companyName) in CloudBeds.
2. FO checked-out the reservation.
3. MECX-TECH will transfer transection of checked-out reservation to M-Invoice every morning.
4. FO logon to [M-Invoice Portal] to see the result.

What is M-Invoice integrations requirement?

M-Invoice required (taxID guestName) or (companyTaxID companyName) to put in main guest profile. M-Invoice must be registered before using this integration.

How to connect MECX-TECH for the first time?

Once you are ready to move forward with implementation, Our Customer Services team will perform initial installation together with hotel’s IT team or any other person in charge of IT systems.

Procedure for connecting hotel interface for the first time:

  1. Login to your [Cloudbeds Account] and select the ‘Account’ icon in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Apps & Marketplace’.
  3. Search for M-Invoice by Mecx-Tech and click ‘Learn More’ and, then, Connect App. You will be prompted to accept the integration permissions and directed to Mecx-Tech to complete the connection..

How to go live after connecting MECX-TECH?

We do not required any configuration in CloudBeds. We will send email to front office every morning.

How to disconnect MECX-TECH?

To disconnect interface, it is necessary to follow standard procedure of disconnecting app in Cloudbeds PMS.
Click on this [here link] for more information about the disconnection process.

How to request a technical support?

We provides remote support to hotels using various remote connection tools. To contact MECX-TECH Customer Services Team send an email to [[email protected]].


Does your software comply with PCI-DSS?

MECX-TECH does not store any credit card details and only transfers data to the payment gateway, which is made safe and secure, in compliance to PCI DSS.

Does your software comply with GDPR?
  • MECX-TECH does not store any details and only transfers data from personal and travel documents into CloudBeds. There are various data protection features that allow hotels to comply with different data privacy laws and regulations.
What is your software licensing model?

MECX-TECH offers an annual software license that includes remote technical support and upgrades with the latest issued identity documents.

What are the limitations of the integration?

We are supported only the integration between CloudBeds booking engine and payment gateway. Online Travel Agency (OTA) will NOT supported. Please contact us if you need more details.

How do you provide customer support?

Customer support is provided from our regional offices in Thailand (GMT+7), usually by remote tools such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or similar.

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