We’re using integrated gateways obtain PCI DSS compliance, which means they’re in charge of storing, securing, and conducting initial verification for each transaction. Please find more information as followed.

1. Guest makes a reservation through CloudBeds booking engine.
2. CloudBeds booking engine redirects to payment page automatically.
3. Guest receives a pending payment reservation email that includes with the payment link.
4. Guest completes their payment and the payment is recorded in the reservation folio.

[Front Office]
1. The reservation will be “confirmed” automatically after payment has been made.
2. FO receives an email notification of a new pending payment reservation from CloudBeds.
3. The payment will be recorded in the reservation folio and the balance will be 0 (zero).
4. The reservation will be “cancelled” automatically after payment is pending for 24 hours.
5. FO can prevent automatic cancellation by put the reservation to “confirmed”.

Click on this [link] for more information and video about the payment gateway process.

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